Bespoke Packages Tailored to Suit


Bespoke Membership Packages

Vie Privée works alongside an exclusive client base, building tailor-made membership packages to cater for every day living requirements and thereby placing time, productivity and luxury into the lives of those who desire more.

Our Bespoke Membership Packages allow for each individual client to fully optimise the use of their membership, taking into account their most common requests and requirements, understanding different personalities and traits.

Specialising in curating customised experiences and assistance to our select group of members, we work with an emphasis on your individual preferences, ultimately allowing you to reap the numerous benefits which our services offer.
With a clear perspective on how we can create the ultimate personal service, and taking into consideration all aspects of living, we recognise that no two members are the same.

Our flexibility in our packages mean that you don’t have to worry about being tied into anything long term – we offer the option of both short and long term memberships, ranging from Weekly Retainers for short term visitors, and Annual Retainers for the most efficient pricing.

As a Member, you are able to make us of the constant development of benefits which we create for our clients – including Discounts, One-Off Experiences, VIP Access, plus more.

Vie Privée works closely with you to develop more than just a working relationship – we believe in strongly in building close-knit bonds with each of our clients, making us more than just a Concierge Service.

Vie Privée

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  • Bespoke Membership Packages to suit each Individual
  • Individual, Family and Corporate Options Available
  • Face-to-Face or Mobile Consolation to Discuss Your Needs
  • Long Term and Short Term Retainer Options
  • 100% Confidentiality

“My membership allows me to always have a helping hand at the end of the phone. The service took all the stress off my shoulders as I live a very busy lifestyle, I can always count on the company as they have never disappointed.”
Miles Welch-Hayes