However small the arrangement…

Day to Day Living

Whether you are working, vacating, or just taking time away

We liaise closely with you to make sure that even the smallest jobs – arranging a babysitter, making a dental appointment, or heading to the post office – are taken care of.

Valuable hours of the day are returned in your favour, for you to invest them where it matters most.

Vie Privée prides itself on creating strong, trusted relationships with our clientele. We understand that it’s vitally important for you to trust in our team as individuals, and the work we do, and vice versa.

Therefore our client base are comfortable in the know that they can make use of our services for any need which may arise in their schedule, as small as handling daily errands and making appointments.

If there’s perhaps something which you’ve forgotten to take care of, an appointment which you’re simply not going to be able to reach, or a sudden situation which arises, you can rely on our helping hand to resolve the issue.

As a member, you’re able to benefit from being able to call on someone who can offer a face-to-face visit, not just somebody on the end of the phone.

Vie Privée

We schedule meetings regularly with our clients to ensure their satisfaction with our services, as well as catch up on any developments in their career’s and lifestyle’s.

  • Bookings & Appointments
  • Covering errands
  • Making arrangements i.e. Babysitter, Maids ect.
  • Assisting with last minute developments
  • A constant point of contact