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Travel & Stay

Experience the world – with us on your side

From yachts, jets and supercars to hotels, villas and short stays, we offer our clients a number of choices to cater for your preferred level of assistance.

Our Travel & Stay services provide the perfect supplement for individuals, couples, families and business travellers who wish to travel stress-free without complications, whilst being able to experience the best of which the world has to offer.

With a team of dedicated travel specialists working around the clock, we’re in the perfect position to offer recommendations and bookings to meet your travel requirements. Our broad variety of destinations around the globe, mean that you can be sure the perfect option is always available.

Private Flights scheduled at the last minute via Private Airports, Luxury Retreats offering an idyllic getaway from everyday life, or boutique hotels which can also play host to an afternoon business meeting – the essentials of your travels are covered.

Instead of spending your time scrolling through lists of endless options, we take care of the groundwork. From the moment you leave your home, to when you reach the final destination, our travel services create the perfect package when it comes to your trip, not forgetting providing a helping hand for any situation which may occur during your travels. Should there be cancelled or delayed flights, a need to extend your trip, or a problem back at home which you need taking care of, the team at Vie Privée are ready and able to take care of the situation on your behalf.

Vie Privée

Experience the world – with us on your side

  • Private Aviation & Charter, including Jets, Yachts and Supercars.
  • Fully Qualified Chauffeurs to smoothly assist our clients to their destination.
  • Recommendations & Access to the Finest Hotels and Resorts around the Globe.
  • Business/Group Travel Arrangements
  • Global Experiences to last a Lifetime.