If it’s important to you, it’s important to us…

Leisure & Wellbeing

Our team understands the importance of both physical and mental well-being

Whether you’re fitness obsessed, or not quite as familiar, we will be glad to assist you in creating new, positive habits for your lifestyle – whether that be through the gym, yoga, therapy or any other activity.

We assist our clients in making positive lifestyle changes, helping to build the best possible version of themselves, and creating the greatest opportunity for finer living. In this case, the perfect supplement for our lifestyle management services are the health habits of which our clients wish to build.

Both mental and physical health are a developing subject in todays world, and our services play a key part across various aspects of our clients lives, organising arrangements on your behalf, and providing you the gift of freedom.

With time and productivity being at the forefront of our work, we know that it can often prove difficult to create time for your own health & mind state – Vie Privée aims to take away that difficulty.

Our focus is on working alongside you to ensure that you’re in the ideal space to live your life, and the best possible version of it.

Vie Privée

We pick out the finest Yoga Classes, Spin Classes and more for our clients to take part in. With morning, day time, and evening options, you can be sure that there’s a time to fit your preference.

  • Access to Gym’s in your local area & on your travels.
  • Sourcing and Booking Fitness Classes to suit.
  • Assisting with appointments and check-ups.
  • Organising Personal Training/One-to-One appointments, at local gyms or in the comfort of your own home.
  • Luxury Fitness Retreats both inside & outside the UK.